Поэма Архитектора / The Architect’s Poem

An allegory for the life of an architect, set to the dreamy tone of Eastern music.
Created as a gift for my brother’s birthday (he is an architect by profession), and derived from two verses of his poetry:

“Проснулся, за окном туман,
Как будто в облаке небесном.
Сбежали люди, кран, дома,
Пропали все, земля исчезла.

Туманом все заволокло.
Исчезло все, что было в мире
И что манило и влекло
Осталось лишь в моей квартире…

-Олег Корпачев

(loosely translated:)

“I awoke with fog behind my window
As if a cloud of Paradise.
The people fled, their dwellings and the crane
All vanished with the Earth.

The fog wreathed everything around
Devouring all the world contained
And all that inspired and that soothed
Remained encloistered in my room.”

-Oleg Korpatchev

Music credit goes to Shahram Nazeri, the Pavarotti of Persia.

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