A Day in the Life of Jodhpur ☆ THE WIND INSTRUMENT ☆

Writer & Director : Senthil Kumar
Hawa Ka Pehchaan: A Music Video Minus the Instruments.
Released in the Summer of 2010: Nothing But Wind
( Vocal Percussion Sound Design Using Nothing but a Hundred Voices ) No instrument was used in the making of this soundtrack. Every single note and sound and rhythm and melody was created using vocal chords. Voices that rendered the wind blowing percussion of over a hundred instruments like : Shehnai – ancient Indo Persian wind instrument, Bansuri – Classical Bamboo Flute and Himalayan Pan flutes, Tabla Hindustani Classical Short Drums, Bass drums, Bass Guitar, nadaswaram, ganjira, bangles and dholaks. And each sound was designed to feel like the wind blowing at different levels across different spaces, while subtly highlighting the impact of the wind like the flutter of a paper kite and shivering leaves and swaying branches and the lilting bells of a lantern.
Feel the wind as it fills your eardrums 🙂

The video captures the transformation of a windless day in a desert city, where even paper kites wont fly, to a really windy day, making a thousand kites fly and fill the bright blue sky, like in the traditional Indian Kite Festivals. Blame it on a bunch of kids who turn on a few Khaitan fans and generate wind that flows out of the windows onto the balconies and beyond
Feel the wind as it blows a new visual language 🙂
Hawa ka Pehchaan. Khaitan.
Screenplay Writer & Director – Senthil Kumar
Produced by Ashwin Naidu – Avakkai Films
Creative Director – Shamik Sengupta
Music & Vocal Sound Design – Taufiq Qureshi

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