Ali Lohrasbi – Sheydaei [ HQ 2011 ]

ahange besiyar ghashang “Ali Lohrasbi – Sheydayi”


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Comment (26)

  1. Perfect!!!!!!! Proud to be called iranian !!!
    Press like if you have that pride aswelll!!!!!!!!
    Zende bad koorosh!!! Yani benaze koroosh be in sedaye jazabw irani :xxxxx

  2. This song makes me cry. It's so meaning full. It reminds me of really great times in my life(:! The times when i was in Iran, not im in California, yea everyone is probably like "ohh wow dream place why do you want to be back in iran?" well You dont know how great iran is, until you actually move somwhere else. Being by your family and spending time with them right now, is all i wish for, here, I am all alone. They are a big part of my life. Hanooz adat be tanhayi nadaram. :[

  3. @sara5548 i will try. but i might not know some words. im sry. ahah. (part1)
    I'm not use to lonelyness
    I have to stand it however
    Slave to love and nothingness
    what a world of strangers i have without you
    I'm scared i might die lonely
    Help me to come back alive
    Sometimes, get close to me
    I feel like Im about to be gone

  4. @sara5548 (part2)
    arent you scared, some day for not seeing you, ill die for missing you so much
    as long as your with me i dont want the rest of the world
    and get relaxed in your arms
    Tell me what i got from you except you leaving me
    I have no one but lonelyness with me tonight
    Tonight i want to want to tell you everything because i cant stay any further from you


  5. @sara5548 (part3)
    im giving the revenge from missing you
    I became relaxed by your side
    come and make my world beautiful again
    god, i havnt seen anyone beautifuler than you
    Arnt you scared that one day ill die from missing you so much
    as long as your by my side, i dont want the rest of the world
    And become relaxed in your arms
    tell me what you gave me except leaving me
    dont have anyone but lonelyness tonight
    tonight i want to tell you everything, because i cant stay any futher from you


  6. daram tavane deltangimo midam ….. bia donyamo ziba kon dobare ….. nemitarsi baraye didane to yeroozi az darde deltangi bemiram ….. :((((( 


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