Excerpt #1 of Shooting Venus

Shooting Venus
1080HD CGI Animation with Music
By Marjan Moghaddam
3 Minutes, looped animation
Music by Sam Khatam
Media: Motion Capture, computer-generated 3d Modeling and Animation, Special Effects, and Text (English, Arabic, and Persian)
Referencing iconic cinematic moments from Hitchcock to the Matrix, alongside violent Video Games, shooting Venus is another sublimely beautiful new CGI animation from digital artist Marjan Moghaddam. Following a “shot” Venus who subsequently falls in super slow motion, the exquisite camera framings then suggest tracking, surveillance, and hunting. The shooting here is both literally with a camera and metaphorically with an imaginary sniper. Textual elements depicting negative labels for women suggestive of online trolling are shattered on top of the fallen Venus in English, Arabic, and Persian. Using her high technology tool kit and signature visual style, Ms. Moghaddam is actively engaged in redefining form for digital painting in still, animated, virtual reality, and interactive forms.
“I intentionally used beauty in this piece in order to suggest the subversively seductive aspects of the denigration of women in media, video games, and additionally throughout history”, Ms. Moghaddam says, adding, “As I was animating this piece I read about Felina, the brave woman and citizen journalist in Mexico who was executed on Twitter by the Columbian drug cartel. I didn’t look at the images, but this is the disturbing and subversive power and seduction that I’m talking about”.

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