How To Make, Skewer And Cook Persian Chicken Koobideh Kebab

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How To Make Persian Chicken Koobideh Kebab Recipe & How To Skewer & Cook.

2kg Chicken Thigh Mince
1 diced brown onion
1/2 tbsp turmeric
2 tbsp salt
1 tsp pepper
1 tsp ground chili
1 tbsp lime juice
1 tbsp saffron water
2 tbsp red sumac


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Comment (43)

  1. looks great.  how do u keep the meat from falling of the stick…Do u cool the meat in the fridge before u attempt to place on the skewer?  Or is the trick to keep mixing the meat?

  2. Ok, I'm going through all your videos in one day! Love them! In Washington DC there is a great Persian restaurant called Shamshiry. They have these grilled lamb tips that are to die for. I don't know what they're called but is that a popular dish in Iran? If so, can you teach me how you'd make them?

  3. Henry, you're the man! I tried making both your chicken kebab and your chicken koobideh on a George Foreman grill and both turned out better than the ones my favorite Persian restaurant makes! Thank you soooo much!

  4. Henry, thank you for the videos on Koobideh Kabobs. Using your videos as a guide, I've prepared lamb kabobs twice, gyros lamb kabobs once, and this evening I just tried the chicken koobideh–WONDERFUL! And your recipes are excellent. I can literally see myself preparing and eating kabobs every month for the rest of my life. It is such a wonderful addition to the dinner menu. Plus, I can prepare a lot of meat on Sunday and cook what I need for dinner each night for several days.
    Bar none, these are the best kabob videos on YouTube, and I believe I have seen them all.

  5. Delicious recipe, Henrys How tos, can you .write the name of the ingredients, sometimes I can not understand very well the name of them. for sure I will do this recipe. thanks for answer me, and sharing.

  6. Venerable brother Henry, you are the best, don't ever change. Love your channel. I just subscribed. Keep it coming.
    Yours truly Bernardo Gui the grand alpha inquisitor of Toulouse.
    Dammet garm aper jun.

  7. you said in your video that you are using 3 kilograms but in your recipe description below it says 2 kilograms. just trying to be helpful. and by the way, my wife and I have made your version of this and we love it. As for the comment that Persian koobideh is such and such way, I challenge you to find a Persian food recipe bible or find one Persian recipe to any food that two are alike. it all depends on your personal taste.

  8. thanks buddy!!! I will do this recipe and your others!! I finally found a chicken recipe that I will eat!!! And have you tried this with ground Chicken breasts?? and how is it?

  9. استفاده شده باشه از كمكتزن ممنونم خسته نباشي داداش سوال من از اين منقلي كه توي فيديو هست يكي لازم دارم بشرطيكه مثل اين منقلي باشه كه توي اين فيديو

  10. خسته نباشي داداش سوال من از اين منقلي كه توي فيديو هست يكي لازم دارم بشرطيكه مثل اين منقلي باشه كه توي اين فيديو شده باشه از كمتون ممنونم

  11. hi Henry. really enjoying your videos. I tried the koobideh on the weekend using stainless wide skewers like yours. Some meat fell off, into the coals. What's the trick to stop the meat falling off? Turning it every 10-20 seconds like you say in the video? But when do you stop turning it every 20 seconds… ?


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