Internal Revolution: a film by Ken Aragaki

As U.S. and Iran try to improve their political relationship, Amir Vahab, a renowned Persian and Turkish Sufi musician living in New York City, reflects on his experience and passion about the spiritual music in this short film, “Internal Revolution,” by Ken Aragaki.

Amir Vahab, 58, has been teaching traditional Persian and Turkish Sufi music in New York City for 25 years. Originally born in Teheran, Iran, Vahab started his career teaching music when he was 17 years old, a few months before he moved to London to study in 1976. Three years later, the revolution broke out in Iran and he has lived overseas ever since.
A micro-mechanical engineer by training, Vahab used to design and sell jewelry and watches at his store on Fifth Avenue while teaching music. But he now focuses all of his time and energy on teaching and promoting Persian culture and music. Vahab runs the Tanbour Institute and teaches more than 200 students. He and his ensemble play at concerts almost every week.

Many thanks to:
Amir Vahab & Ensemble

Archival Footage:
National Archives

Shot, edited and produced by:
Ken Aragaki, Multimedia Journalist
CUNY Graduate School of Journalism

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