Où ai-je déjà vu cela ? (Where have I seen this before? )

A video installation projected onto the windows of the MAI (Montréal, arts interculturels), Où ai-je déjà vu cela ? (Where have I seen this before?) attracts the attention of passers-by on Jean-Mance street in Montreal with its urban poetry. Conceived using animated film techniques, this video triptych draws its inspiration from ancient persian minatures, as well as from contemporary Montreal. Creating a similarity between past and present, the narrative erases the concepts of time and space.
Parissa Mohit joins medieval pictorial representation with images of montrealers sketched from real life. A new work with a Russian doll construction – each stroy conceals another – Où ai-je déjà vu cela ? Breathes a sense of epic into these slices of Montreal life. A Tam-Tam dance, a medieval battle on Mount-Royal, and an intimate moment in a park are some of the scenes of everyday life superimposed on Persian legends.
In collaboration with PRIM.

BIOGRAPHY (Director)
Parissa Mohit
Parissa Mohit lives and works in Montréal. She has studied theatre design for 4 years before she starts continuing her exploration in film animation. She believes that her experiences in set construction and theatre design have influenced her approach to film animation. She builds her imaginary worlds in different scales. That’s where she gives life to her films.
In 2010, her film « The man and the train » won the Oboro-George-Laoun prize for the best short-film. She has also been the selected artist for the M.A.I. (Montreal arts interculturelles) long term mentorship in 2011 as well as the M.A.I and PRIM residency in 2011-2012.

Filmography of the director
Autour d’une table (Around a table) , animated short film, 2013
Beyond reach, animated music video,2013
Où ai-je déjà vu cela? (Where have I seen this before?), installation vidéo, 2012
L’homme et le train( The man and the train) , animated short film, 2010
010804, animated short film,2007
Rebirth, animated short film, 2006

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