“There” excerpts

There (2008, 2009) excerpts

Original Length: 00:10:15

Contemporary choreography infused with various Asian dance movements. It was developed from Chinese, Korean, Mongolian, Persian, and Armenian dance vocabularies, saturated with the subtle dichotomy of release and control.

Choreographer: Wan-Chao Chang

“Form 3” by Greg Ellis, from “Kala Rupa”
“Szerelem” by Stellamara, from “The Seven Valleys”

Dancers: Wan-Chao Dance (Renee Araneda, Aliah Najmabadi, Nadia Roan, Hannah Romanowsky, Kristen Sague, Wan-Chao Chang)

Costume: Wan-Chao Chang

Eve’s Elixir – Eyes of Eve
April 10, 2009
Cowell Theatre, San Francisco, CA, USA

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