Who Are U.S.: Observations From The 21st Century American Road

This is the final feature length movie of a project that took two perpetually traveling artists throughout the contiguous 48 states during the 7 months leading up to the 2016 elections.
ACVilla and Thollem McDonas traveled throughout the continental U.S. from March to November, 2016 creating an audio/visual experience of America in the early 21st century. Though the project was created intentionally during the elections, the results are as much sociological as political and as artistic as sociological. The movie is comprised by a long series of allegorical vignettes that become pieces of a larger puzzle each viewer must solve in their own unique way.
Visually it is a panoply of the unique and the common; the humorous and the tragic; everyday idiosyncrasies and abstractions; undercurrents; hidden agendas and extreme creativity. 

The soundtrack forges elements from the wide array of sounds created in this extremely multi-cultural country from Bluegrass to Gamelan, Punk to Free Jazz, Salsa to Noise, Baroque to Hip-Hop to Persian music with field recordings of city scenes, Bingo games, F16s, protesters, sirens, ice cream trucks and…
Focusing the camera on the points where people meet their environment and each other, these serendipitous visual moments and sonic influences transform the mundane into the exotic and reveal the familiar in the strange.

For more info: silverochre.com

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